The Aetna Foundation - Founded in 1972, the Foundation helps build healthy communities by promoting volunteerism, forming partnerships and funding initiatives that improve the quality of life where our employees and customers live and work.


The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation - The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation currently makes grants in six core program areas: Higher Education and Scholarship, Scholarly Communications, Research in Information Technology, Museums and Art Conservation, Performing Arts, Conservation and the Environment.


The Carnegie Foundation of New York - Carnegie Corporation of New York was created by Andrew Carnegie in 1911 to promote "the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding." Under Carnegie's will, grants must benefit the people of the United States, although up to 7.4 percent of the funds may be used for the same purpose in countries that are or have been members of the British Commonwealth, with a current emphasis on Commonwealth Africa.


The Cleveland Foundation - The Cleveland Foundation's mission is to enhance the lives of all residents of Greater Cleveland, now and for generations to come, by building community endowment, addressing needs through grantmaking and providing leadership on key community issues.


Faith Based Grants - If you are in the business of caring for people in need, you need money to do your job. Chances are that if you had a little more money, you’d be able to help more people and do your work better. That’s where Federal grants come into play. If you run an organization to help those in need, you may be eligible to receive Federal money through grant programs.


Governmaent Grants - A the U.S. government's official web portal, makes it easy for the public to get U.S. government information and services on the web. also serves as the catalyst for a growing electronic government.


The Ford Foundation - The Ford Foundation is a resource for innovative people and institutions worldwide. Our goals are to: strengthen democratic values, reduce poverty and injustice, promote international cooperation and advance human achievement


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - We fund the work of partners who are addressing some of the world's most challenging inequities. From improving U.S. high school graduation rates to providing lifesaving vaccines to millions of children in the developing world, the difficulties are many. But this is a time when solutions are close at hand. If you’re ready to help make a difference, we can help you get started.


The Gannett Foundation - The Gannett Foundation is a corporate foundation sponsored by Gannett Co., Inc. We give grants to organizations in the communities in which Gannett owns a daily newspaper or television station.


The William T. Grant Foundation - The Foundation’s mission focuses on improving the lives of youth ages 8 to 25 in the United States. We invest primarily in high quality empirical studies. Our Current Research Priorities are understanding and improving social settings such as families, schools, peer groups, and organizations, and how these social settings affect youth. Our Priorities also focus on the use and influence of scientific evidence in policy and practice


The William Randolph Hearst Foundations - The charitable goals of the two Foundations are essentially the same, and reflect the philanthropic interests of William Randolph Hearst -- Education, Health, Social Service and Culture. Within these four areas, the Foundations assist institutions in providing opportunities to underserved and underrepresented populations.


The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation - The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation makes grants to address the most serious social and environmental problems facing society, where risk capital, responsibly invested, may make a difference over time. The Foundation places a high value on sustaining and improving institutions that make positive contributions to society.



The Lilly Foundation - The majority of the foundation contributions program is employee directed through the Matching Gifts Program and a United Way initiative. Recipient organizations (accredited educational, cultural health care institutions and United Way) are selected by employees and retirees according to the program's guidelines. Through the program, the Lilly foundation assists many nonprofit institutions by combining the generosity of employee giving with corporate resources.


The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation - Underlying all of our grantmaking programs are certain values that provide a basis for the inter-relatedness of our grantmaking. As a foundation, we believe that learning how people can live together most effectively is one of the fundamental needs of humanity. In so doing, people create a sense of "community," or belonging, whether at the local neighborhood level or as a global society.


The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation - The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation funds projects to conserve and restore fish, wildlife, and native plants through matching grant programs. The Foundation awards matching grants to projects that address priority actions promoting fish and wildlife conservation and the habitats on which they depend, work proactively to involve other conservation and community interests, leverage .


The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education - The NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education inspires public education employees to ensure that all students succeed. As the foundation of the National Education Association, we believe that: public education excellence is vital for our democracy and should be attainable for all; education employees determine the quality of public education; students should actively pursue their education; education employees should embrace diversity and act accordingly; effective education employees should continually learn, apply their knowledge, share their expertise, and lead their profession; and education employees should partner with their peers, researchers, policymakers, and communities to make public schools great for every child.


The David and Lucile Packard Foundation - We work to improve the lives of children, enable the creative pursuit of science, advance reproductive health, and conserve and restore the earth's natural systems.


The Paul G. Allen Foundation - Snce 1916, The PGA of America has served the golfing public working with golf course owners and golf manufacturers through its efforts to promote the game and make it accessible to everyone, everywhere. These efforts are carried out by the more than 28,000 men and women PGA Professionals who make The PGA of America the world's largest working sports organization.


The Jackie Robinson Foundation -The Jackie Robinson Foundation’s Online Scholarship Application is now available online! In order to apply, you must be a US citizen and a graduating high school senior attending a 4 year accredited college or university. In addition, your application package must include a letter of recommendation and an official transcript. All applicants are required to take either the Standardized Aptitude Test (SAT) or the American College Test (ACT) and submit their scores.


The Rockefeller Foundation - The mission of the Rockefeller Foundation has remained the same since its founding in 1913 by John D. Rockefeller, Sr.: to “promote the well-being” of humanity. Moreover, the Rockefeller Foundation has, also since its founding, focused on addressing the root causes of serious problems, and on doing so around the world. As John D. Rockefeller said, “The best philanthropy is constantly in search of the finalities—a search for a cause, an attempt to cure evils at their source.”


The Surdna Foundation - Surdna is a family foundation established in 1917 by John Emory Andrus. The foundation makes grants in the areas of environment, community revitalization, effective citizenry, the arts and the nonprofit sector, with annual grantmaking of approximately $30 million.


The National Science Foundation - The National Science Foundation (NSF) is an independent federal agency created by Congress in 1950 "to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense…" With an annual budget of about $5.5 billion, we are the funding source for approximately 20 percent of all federally supported basic research conducted by America's colleges and universities. In many fields such as mathematics, computer science and the social sciences, NSF is the major source of federal backing.


The H. Truman Scholarship Foundation- The mission of the Truman Scholarship Foundation is: to find and recognize college juniors with exceptional leadership potential who are committed to careers in government, the nonprofit or advocacy sectors, education or elsewhere in the public service; and to provide them with financial support for graduate study, leadership training, and fellowship with other students who are committed to making a difference through public service.


The Toshiba American Foundation - The mission of Toshiba America Foundation is to contribute to the quality of science and mathematics education in U.S. communities by investing in projects designed by classroom teachers to improve science and mathematics education for students in grades K thru 12.


The Turner Foundation, Inc. - Founded in 1990 by Ted Turner, Turner Foundation, Inc. (the "Foundation") is a private, independent family foundation committed to preventing damage to the natural systems - water, air, and land - on which all life depends.


US Department of Health & Humane Services,

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US Department of Health & Humane Services,

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US Department of Health & Humane Services,

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Welfare Grants - Federal Welfare-to-Work grants and opportunities to create jobs and assist Non-Custodial parents




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